Friday, July 22, 2011

Lawn Mower Shopping

We went to the store today to look at lawn mowers . We've been wanting to replace our lawn mower for quite a while now because it is really old and the engine doesnt start anymore.  We haven't decide which one we are gonna get yet but we've picked out a couple that are pretty nice and fit our budget.  I'm gonna do some research online and read some reviews to see which one is best.  Will probably go in some time next week to get it.  I haven't actually mowed the lawn in a very long time so the lawn is looking a bit out of sorts.  But really looking forward to doing some gardening and making the garden look pretty.  Can't wait!  

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rock & Republic 50%+ Off Sale

publicRefer a friend and get $25 credit, plus over 50% off your entire order with code ROCKCOSMETICS
Shipping is only 99 cents!

Their blushes are usually $40 and everyone raves about them. There are only 3 colors in stock right now....not really the colors I wanted but $18.10 after tax and shipping for 2 blushes compared to over $80 is amazing! I'm not sure when this deal ends, but they seemed to have it ever since July. The rumor is that they are coming out with new colors so they won't be restocking the best sellers.

I got mine in Shameless and Immoral, but I really wanted Tease. Since that shade might not come back I decided to buy it on Ebay for $30. That's almost double the price of the 2 I bought. Still beats spending $120 for 3!
Their eye shadows should be really nice as well. I don't think I would ever buy these at regular price.
Don't miss this great deal!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Juicy Couture Sale

Juicy Couture is having a 30% off online sale! That brand is way overpriced, but the sale items qualify for the sale as well. Plus, there is free shipping.

I just got myself their reversable nylon tote (only navy blue is available).

Picture from Google
 This was the only item that I liked which I thought was at a reasonable price. All other sites still sell this for $100++
I paid under $50. Original price is $149. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Olive Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

Bio Infusion's Olive Oil Deep Conditioning Treatment is one of the best hair products I've come across. It's an easy hair treatment that you can do at home and takes around 15 minutes to an hour. I know an hour might sound like a long time, but you can easily go back to what you're doing if you keep your hair tucked in a shower cap.
You begin by washing your hair with any shampoo and then apply this product over your hair generously instead of your regular conditioner.  Instead of rinsing the product out, tuck your hair in a shower cap. If you are short on time and would only like to let the conditioner soak in for 15 minutes, then apply warm dryer heat over your hair. If there is nothing like that available then simply wait 45 minutes to 1 hour and go back to rinse everything out. Towel dry your hair and your hair will become soft and silky.This should be used as often as three times a week, but I think twice a week is good enough.

Here's the picture of the product

The texture is a little thicker than your regular conditioner.

The smell is nothing like olive oil like you might think. It's a little hard to explain, but it smells similar to Pantene Pro-V with a hint of cucumber melon. That's the closest description I can think of. Anyways, I think it smells very nice! The first time I used it the scent stayed in my hair for about 3 days. It's not an annoying or overpowering smell, it's actually quite nice. Every time the wind blew in my car I would be able to smell the scent, but this was only after the first time using this. After using this a second time the scent did not stay as long. I might have just used less though.

The price is very affordable at only $7.99 at Walgreens which is where I bought it. Right now they are even having a buy one get one free sale, free shipping over $25 and $10 off $40, I might just buy more! All the BioInfusion products are buy one get one but you have to buy the same product. The Hydrating Hair Creme sounds interesting though I fear it might be like the Bio Infusion Olive Oil Shine Serum. This was not a very good buy, because it had a sticky texture. It still has the same great scent, but I don't like the sticky/greasy feeling. I'll probably test it out again sometime soon, though I would not recommend that product. I think I would recommend trying the conditioning shampoo if you don't have an hour's time for treatment. It should work pretty much the same.

 Overall, I really like BioInfusion and would rate this deep conditioning hair treatment 8/10 for making hair smooth and soft, 7/10 for ease of use, and 9/10 for scent.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Simple Pork Loin Recipe

One easy way I cook my pork loin
These are the only ingredients I use

 The 2 sauces are all I use. No need for salt or any other seasoning. You can find these in Asian supermarkets.

I just coat the outside of the pork loin (any size, but I prefer cutting them into approx. quarter pound pieces). I coat it first with the Sha Cha Jiang on the right. This is usually used in hot pot sauce mixes and has a beefy flavor. The red cap means that it's spicy, but they also sell non-spicy ones where the lid is clear. I only put on a thin coat, and then top it off with some of the sauce on the left. I've tried cooking this with only the sauce on the left before with as much sauce as I could stick on and it turned out a little salty, so never use too much sauce. If you like the Cha Shao Pork (where the outside of the cooked pork is reddish) then you can just use the sauce on the left. If only using the sauce on the left then you should poke some holes into the pork loin before applying the sauce so the flavor gets inside the meat. I prefer the other sauce more though and for that you do not need to poke holes.

I usually cook 2 or 3 pieces at a time and since my big oven is broken, I use this one below.
Don't mind the chips in the tray.
I preheat the oven to 450 degrees F and lay aluminum foil before laying on the pork so it does not stick and is faster to clean up.
Cook the pork for 40-45 minutes, turning the pork at 20 minutes to the other side.
The result is...
I know the meat doesn't look moist here, but I guarantee it is! The meat is super moist and tender and if you cook it long enough with enough sauce it will have a nice tasty crust.
If you only decide to use the sauce on the left then there will not be juices after the cooking process like you see above, but the meat still turns out juicy and tender.

Good luck if you decide to try this simple recipe out!

Las Vegas Trip Part 2

This is the hotel we stayed at.
MGM in the West Wing - the modern rooms. A bit small but I liked it, and can't complain at only $39/night!
Right when you enter it's the bathroom.....that black space on the mirror is a TV screen! I loved the   shower so much because of the 2 shower heads.
 The king sized cozy bed
TV, closet on the left, and desk with free wireless internet.
The room was very dark so bad lighting to take pictures except for the bathroom. On the day of checkout there was even a blackout in the morning for about 20min which made it impossible to pack -_-

The bar/lounge area outside our hotel room

First day's dinner at Serendipity's before the show

Inside the restaurant
Tried their famous frozen hot chocolate
 Mushroom pizza with chicken added






The stores are so pretty

Inside the mall



Ate at Earl of Sandwich...they're pretty good!


Pretty light in Planet Hollywood


Random guy in costume looking for tips. There was also "Elvis" and other people in costume. What does Darth Vader have to do with Las Vegas??


Inside Wynn for the buffet. Advertisement on the side - 孙燕姿 Stephanie Sun is having a concert in Las Vegas. Didn't know she was famous enough to have a concert here, but I do like some of her old songs.


Outside the buffet

Now for some of the food...just some of what we ate

Random plates of food. Lamb's my favorite!!


So many desserts I wish I could try them all



Random photo inside a bathroom


Inside a restaurant..thought the lights were pretty


The Statue Of Liberty made entirely out of Jelly Beans! I doubt the center is all candy.

At the Coca Cola store they sold many different soda flavored lip balms. They're pretty expensive, too! if I remember correctly they're around $8?


I found this the other day at Target. The packaging is much cuter and only $1!!! The taste is nice as well...not that I eat it, but everyone should know what I mean.


Coke can puzzle


Some funny movie posters from M&M World


Sort of blurry but it says extra tasty



They had some sort of theater in there but it was closed =(


More puzzles




I remember they used to have a huge polar bear in the store that you can take a picture with but now you have to pay =/


Downtown Vegas was the most boring part ever...and so is the Stratosphere

Food at the Bellagio Buffet


The yams and pesto mashed potato were yummyyy. Yea, I like the cheap






Some night scenery



Inside the Venetian



Random lion habitat photo

The last day we ate at this place

Joe's Steakhouse


They had the best assortment of bread


Aged Steak = yuck


Filet Mignon = not bad


This came along with the lunch special. I think it was tomato with something over it, and also got baked mashed potatoes and hash browns

Banana cream pie = just the right amount of sweetness

Some more random shots...

This was the only club we went to which was right in MGM. We have the club passes that we purchased online from a few years ago so that was one of the clubs where we could get in for free. 

Well that's a summary of the trip. Stay tuned for my Death Valley entry!