Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Las Vegas Trip Part 1 - Shows

Took a trip to Death Valley and  Las Vegas last week with my bf and took over 800 pictures! I will just post a few of them here in the next entry.

This was my very first time seeing any show in Las Vegas. I've heard that any show that you watch there is a great experience so I was really excited. We got tickets to "Cirque de Soleil's Mystere" before leaving for the trip. The show itself wasn't bad, but the theater was pretty small. It was much like when I watched "Ovo" in San Jose. Our seats weren't the most expensive, but we were really close to the stage. I would rate that a 8 out of 10 having in mind the seating arrangements, how entertaining the show was, and the price for the tickets (special price 2 for $99!!).

At the souvenir store hehehe

The next day we decided that we had nothing to do at night so we bought tickets to 2 more shows. Zumanity and Criss Angel Believe (another special price to buy tickets for both shows). They are also both from Cirque de Soleil. I just love the acrobatic stuff!
We just wanted to see the Criss Angel show at first, because we saw this cool trailer when walking around Vegas. I can't find the exact one online but it advertised that there was a lot of Cirque de Soleil performances throughout the show. When we took a cab the cab driver even said people didn't like the show because it didn't show much of Criss Angel but more Cirque de Soleil. This made us more excited...we did not care too much about Criss Angel.

Here is something similar to the trailer that was advertised

Lots of acrobatic stuff right?? But NNOOOO! They must have changed the show without changing the trailer! It made me so angry after the show ended and I was like WTF that's it? There was not 1 sec of Cirque de Soleil. How can they call this a Cirque de Soleil show when they're not in it?! I seriously wanted to ask for my money back for false advertisement and that really ruined my night because I was so excited about it. During most of the show these random guys, or more like fake magicians that are supposedly Criss Angel's friends were talking during most of the show along with Criss Angel. He did do some cool tricks which I doubt are real, but I just wanted him to get off the stage and see some better action. T_T What a waste of my time...
They did have some cool pictures in the hall before the show though. Like those hologram kind where the picture changes when you look at it from another angle (I think that's what they're called).
This one's clearly not a hologram but I like it for the bunny

There were quite a few but I didn't get to snap pictures of all of them.
The theater for this show was much bigger, so for crappy show, bad seating, and false advertisement equals 3 out of 10 stars.

 Me being sad the next day after being reminded of Criss Angel's show =(

Zumanity was quite boring, too. Also bad seating again...these tall people sat in front of us and blocked so much of the stage -_-. There was also less acrobatic stuff and more singing. Bf wanted to see it after I said no to shows like "Crazy Horse"...haha...maybe next time. Anyways, I would give this show a 6 out of 10.
The performers creeped me out before the show (they were walking/standing around the lobby). Every time I walked by one of them I would fear for them jumping out at me. Some of them have creepy makeup.

Next time I go I'm going to watch "O". That seems like the best show, but we didn't have time to watch another. That's one of the more pricey shows as well. "KA" might be good as well and it was playing at MGM where we stayed. I don't know why we decided not to watch that one.

Overall, the shows were not bad. Criss Angel just really pissed me off!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Swatches of lipsticks I currently own


Recently I'm really into the nude/light pink colors. The Lancome lipstick is very nice and keeps my lips moist.

 I do not really like the YSL. The color is too pastel pink which is alright, but if you tend you have really dry lips like me it shows your lines/cracks x10000. Not moisturizing at all! However, it does have a cool little mirror on top of the lipstick cap.

Dior's lipstick is quite nice too, but there is not much pigmentation even though the lipstick itself looks pretty dark. The packaging is nice, but is made out of cheap plastic.

I did not buy this (it came in a package with other items from Ulta), but it's actually not bad. I expected it to be very dry since it's a cheap brand. It's very smooth and highly pigmented. Maybe that's because of the red color, but overall I like it. I usually do not like to wear colors this dark though. The picture above does not really show it's true color...I applied this after the gold Shu Uemura....

Shu Uemura 1
Also not very pigmented and a little too glittery for me.

Shu Uemura 2
Bought this one for fun...I guess it would be appropriate for some occasions?

Estee Lauder
This one's pretty pigmented as well and very moisturizing. It's almost like the Dior's coral except that it's darker. If you were to buy this it would be in a different packaging/case. This was a gift from one of those gift bags from purchasing other Estee Lauder items. They say it is not a full size, but it does match the size of my other lipsticks. One thing about this is that the lipstick broke off and I did not even twist it up all the way, and I've only used it twice. I think it got too soft.... I don't know if it would have the same issue with the real thing.

I know lots of people wear lip gloss over their lipstick, but next time I will review a few lip glosses separately. Overall I like the Lancome lipstick best and will probably purchase other colors in the future. YSL makes my lips look very dry and cracked so I will never purchase one (that one was a gift), and they are one of the more expensive lipsticks, too! I would still stay away from Ulta only because of the experience I've had with their other products, and the other brands are just not pigmented enough but they're not bad either.

Buxom is my favorite brand at the moment! I will blog about that haul in the near future

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Colored Contacts Review

I’ve only recently come to realize that eyes make such a big difference in people’s appearance. From seeing pictures on other blogs I’ve come to realize that wearing colored contacts really make your eyes stand out more and look bigger and brighter, especially the enlarging ones! No wonder their pictures look so amazing…
For months I wanted to try them out, but for someone like me that has never worn any type of contacts before I was very afraid to try them out. Some people say that contacts ruin your eyes and are not good for you while others say they do no such thing, but I think in the end having something in your eye must affect it one way or another. However the risks do not seem too big so I finally decided to try them out.
I bought my contacts from Pinky Paradise. First I just bought 1 pair to try them out, expecting my eyes to hurt like hell after putting them on. The first time I tried to put on contacts it probably took me 20 minutes or so for both sides -_-. It did scare me a little bit, too…not knowing what it would feel like in my eyes, but to my surprise they did not burn at all like I was told and I could only slightly feel them!
I didn’t know but the first pair I bought were hard contacts. Apparently it does not state that on the website. I tried out the Dueba Grey lenses. Damn it looks like the price dropped =(   Bad news for me but good news for you if you’re looking to buy some.
This is what the bottle for the gray contacts were in
The contacts
They come with these cute contact cases. Here are all 3 that I’ve gotten. I got 1 with each pair.

Here’s me with the contacts on. In the picture it looks a little bluish, but in real life they’re darker looking like the color of them in the contacts case

I really liked how they looked so I bought 2 more pairs. These happened to be soft contacts and they are way more comfortable. I can barely feel them!

Different containers

I bought the brown and pink this time.

Here is the brown….

and the pink…

Hear are my eyes without contacts

Can you spot the difference?

I have yet to wear the brown ones out.
These are not something I would wear on a regular basis as I think they are bad for my eyes in the long run. I would only wear them on some weekends if I’m going out or to special occasions.
All the above shown are enlarging contacts. I have not seen any on the site that are not enlarging, but it does have a better effect if they’re bigger. That’s the main point right? I believe these can last up to 1 year. Can anyone tell me if I can keep these longer if I only wear them a couple times a month? I am not too familiar with contacts, but I hope this helped some people!
Please stay tuned for more reviews about contacts, makeup, and more. There will also be tutorials!