Thursday, November 18, 2010


Swatches of lipsticks I currently own


Recently I'm really into the nude/light pink colors. The Lancome lipstick is very nice and keeps my lips moist.

 I do not really like the YSL. The color is too pastel pink which is alright, but if you tend you have really dry lips like me it shows your lines/cracks x10000. Not moisturizing at all! However, it does have a cool little mirror on top of the lipstick cap.

Dior's lipstick is quite nice too, but there is not much pigmentation even though the lipstick itself looks pretty dark. The packaging is nice, but is made out of cheap plastic.

I did not buy this (it came in a package with other items from Ulta), but it's actually not bad. I expected it to be very dry since it's a cheap brand. It's very smooth and highly pigmented. Maybe that's because of the red color, but overall I like it. I usually do not like to wear colors this dark though. The picture above does not really show it's true color...I applied this after the gold Shu Uemura....

Shu Uemura 1
Also not very pigmented and a little too glittery for me.

Shu Uemura 2
Bought this one for fun...I guess it would be appropriate for some occasions?

Estee Lauder
This one's pretty pigmented as well and very moisturizing. It's almost like the Dior's coral except that it's darker. If you were to buy this it would be in a different packaging/case. This was a gift from one of those gift bags from purchasing other Estee Lauder items. They say it is not a full size, but it does match the size of my other lipsticks. One thing about this is that the lipstick broke off and I did not even twist it up all the way, and I've only used it twice. I think it got too soft.... I don't know if it would have the same issue with the real thing.

I know lots of people wear lip gloss over their lipstick, but next time I will review a few lip glosses separately. Overall I like the Lancome lipstick best and will probably purchase other colors in the future. YSL makes my lips look very dry and cracked so I will never purchase one (that one was a gift), and they are one of the more expensive lipsticks, too! I would still stay away from Ulta only because of the experience I've had with their other products, and the other brands are just not pigmented enough but they're not bad either.

Buxom is my favorite brand at the moment! I will blog about that haul in the near future

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Caroline said...

Haha, nice! Can you do reviews on mascara, blush, foundations etc? I like to look at pictures, haha. I like this!! <3 oh oh and of course skincare hehe