Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Colored Contacts Review

I’ve only recently come to realize that eyes make such a big difference in people’s appearance. From seeing pictures on other blogs I’ve come to realize that wearing colored contacts really make your eyes stand out more and look bigger and brighter, especially the enlarging ones! No wonder their pictures look so amazing…
For months I wanted to try them out, but for someone like me that has never worn any type of contacts before I was very afraid to try them out. Some people say that contacts ruin your eyes and are not good for you while others say they do no such thing, but I think in the end having something in your eye must affect it one way or another. However the risks do not seem too big so I finally decided to try them out.
I bought my contacts from Pinky Paradise. First I just bought 1 pair to try them out, expecting my eyes to hurt like hell after putting them on. The first time I tried to put on contacts it probably took me 20 minutes or so for both sides -_-. It did scare me a little bit, too…not knowing what it would feel like in my eyes, but to my surprise they did not burn at all like I was told and I could only slightly feel them!
I didn’t know but the first pair I bought were hard contacts. Apparently it does not state that on the website. I tried out the Dueba Grey lenses. Damn it looks like the price dropped =(   Bad news for me but good news for you if you’re looking to buy some.
This is what the bottle for the gray contacts were in
The contacts
They come with these cute contact cases. Here are all 3 that I’ve gotten. I got 1 with each pair.

Here’s me with the contacts on. In the picture it looks a little bluish, but in real life they’re darker looking like the color of them in the contacts case

I really liked how they looked so I bought 2 more pairs. These happened to be soft contacts and they are way more comfortable. I can barely feel them!

Different containers

I bought the brown and pink this time.

Here is the brown….

and the pink…

Hear are my eyes without contacts

Can you spot the difference?

I have yet to wear the brown ones out.
These are not something I would wear on a regular basis as I think they are bad for my eyes in the long run. I would only wear them on some weekends if I’m going out or to special occasions.
All the above shown are enlarging contacts. I have not seen any on the site that are not enlarging, but it does have a better effect if they’re bigger. That’s the main point right? I believe these can last up to 1 year. Can anyone tell me if I can keep these longer if I only wear them a couple times a month? I am not too familiar with contacts, but I hope this helped some people!
Please stay tuned for more reviews about contacts, makeup, and more. There will also be tutorials!


blyssxoxo said...

Hi, been a user of big eye lens for a few years.

I don't think the lifespan will be longer if you only wear them a few times. Not sure how much your lens cost but if possible, try not to wear them up to 1 year. I usually discard mine around 6 - 9 mths. After all there is a reason why these Korean lens are not approved for sale in some countries.

By the way some say using those protein remover will be good for these yearly lens. HTHs!

P/s: Love your blog!

Mouina said...

Thank you!
I've never heard of protein removers but will look into that now =)